Kelly (krazyk7) wrote,

hey.. lat night awas cool. hop[e the bday people had fun... 2 night was fun.. pissedme off a few times but i had sooo much fun... me n joise r gonna og 2morra n monday i htihnk.. i dont kno certain poepl got pissed at me but ya kno i dont care y would i ? tar didnt have funa ta ll thats her own dam fault... i got a cool ass purse,,, i like chillin iwht emily n all them,... im happen im so coolw ith mike hes great fun they r sooo nie.,..the shit tehyw ent threw 4 me! MICHARL CRAWLET I WANT KYLEE...serouisly... there is something about the kid iw ant him1 haha u love it!!! 2daqyw a awsome i can not wait 2 sleep in it been soo lon :)

kim remind me 2 tell u about alsion karie jessi n osmeone else..

kori u 2!!!!!! miss u
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