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Here We Go!

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20 August
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It's amazing how things change. I read journal entries of mine from years ago, and I barely even recognize myself, I can't even remember writing those words, or feeling them. My life has change so much in the past 2 years it's unbelivable, but I'm happy it happen. I was trying 2 change my life. My life has changed, now I just need 2 change, the hardest battle of all is to conquer yourself. I have secrets that i do not share, and problems that you will read whether you want to or not. Just like everyone else. I've learned it is impossible to find someone who will alwaz understand you, and if you think you found the person, weather it's a friend or more, you will lose them in time. Will you find there friendship agian? Probebly. But there will alwaz be times in your life were your going to be alone, that's why it is most important to me happy with yourself, be happy with who you are, and be happy with what you've accomplished. Can I say I'm happy with my self? No. But I know one day I will be. And one day I will find someone who cares about me enough to show me I'm not as bad as I think.

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